8 Common Types of Roof Damage 

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A roof typically lasts for 25 years or more. However, damages can happen to our roofs especially that it’s our protection from everyday sun, casual rain and snow, sometimes hail and storms. Roof damages can occur because of many factors. Damage to a roof is a big problem, who would like to experience leaking during big storms right? Moisture can ruin the walls, columns, and walls. Mold and mildew can grow and will even cause some health problems. The following are the common types of roof damages you should be aware of.  

 Roof Damage

Leaks and Moisture 

One of the things that can damage your roof is the leak and moisture that gets into the roof. According to Fort Worth roofing contractors, it is because of the problems with the moisture barrier or flashing. Also, if you have been hit by a storm recently, it is likely that parts of your roof are damaged that’s why water came in.  


The roof’s job is to withstand the weather, however extreme conditions like cold, hot, wet and dry can cause the roofing materials to split, buckle, blister or crack. If this thing happens, the water can get through that leads to leak that will eventually damage the interior.  

Lack of Maintenance 

Even though roofs have a long lifespan, you don’t expect it to take care of itself. It needs regular check-up and maintenance, just like the rest of your house. There are minor issues like empty pitch pockets, ponding water and others that will become bigger problems if you don’t address them. Doing this will minimize the chances of roof repair in the future, and it will help you maintain the condition of your roof. Remember that once your roof gets damaged, the insurance company won’t cover it if they see the roof has a lack of maintenance.  


Roofing materials are prone to corrosion especially in the area of valleys, flashings, chimney, and vents. If this occurs, the consequence is roof damage.  

Blow-offs and Wind Uplift 

The extreme blow of wind during storms can lift or blow-off roofing materials. Another cause of this damage is improperly installed flashing. It will cause more significant problems in the future if not addressed right away. During damage restoration, you better work with professional roofing contractors.  

Wear and Tear 

Roofs are also prone to natural wear and tear, that’ why regular maintenance is significant. Falling debris or twigs from trees, foot traffic or small animals and birds and others can also cause an early deterioration of the roof.  

Post-Installation Damage 

The importance of hiring a professional will dawn on you especially if you experience post-installation damages. Perhaps, this damage is the most annoying. A small penetration will damage your existing roof and the layer you added to it. Do not do the job yourself, both repair and maintenance because it might void the warranty you have.  


Another universal sign of a failing roof is the buckling, rusting and cracking shingles. This is caused by installation mistakes, improper torching, moisture and many more. These problems, like the others, need immediate attention. 

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Things to Remember about a Clean Home

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When you have a clean home, you will have a better living. You should surely maintain the cleanliness of your home since this is a place where you sleep and stay in almost all the days of your lives. This is also a place where your children and pets will play and learn. This is a very important place that you should always treasure and there is nothing for you to do but to make sure that it is always clean.  



There are so much benefits that you could have if you just maintain the cleanliness of your home. And many people would surely support this claim because of obvious reasons. For one, the cleanliness of your home will save you from any health hazards. This is making sure that you could not get diseases from your own house. A very dirty home could have soil, dust and dirt that will culture bacteria in its places and then spread illnesses all throughout the house which could be very dangerous to everyone that is living inside the home. Especially if you have children, they are the ones who could easily get in touch with these germs given that they always put anything inside their mouth, even their own hands and feet. If you want to be a good parent, you have to make sure that you remove all the possibilities of having germs on your home that could possibly harm your children. Also, if you have pets on your home, you should also protect them because this is one of your responsibility. If you are going to provide them with a clean home, you would not be bothered about your dog getting sick because of how clean your home is and that you are sure that it is safe.  

If you have a job or if you have a lot of things to do for the day, you would surely want to go home to house that is clean and free of any clutter and garbage that you could see. You do not want to be stressed any further so a clean house is what you really want after such a long and tiring day.  

If your home is very clean, you are going to have a more quiet and peaceful ambience for your home therefore, it will also affect your mood in the house. You are going to feel like you are comfortable, cozy and happy even if you are just lying around your coach doing nothings and just watching your kids play with each other. A clean house promoted great family ties. It creates good bonding and mood to people especially those who are very busy at work.  

In line with all of these, the reasons are endless on why you should always keep your home clean from any dirt but we also understand that you are very busy and you have a lot to do in your life which means that you would not be able to take care of the cleanliness of your home. We encourage you to try and hire a professional housekeeper who could surely assist you in keeping the cleanliness of your home.  

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How Much Does a Tow Cost?

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Thousands and millions of cars are towed in the United States every year. Nearly each vehicle owner has required at least 1 tow in their life. Fees for towing could be costly if you don’t have an emergency fund or roadside assistance. A lot of individuals don’t realize tow services include more than towing a car from one location to another. The fees charged by a tow company could depend on the tow company, where you live, and your situation.  


Here are some average costs of towing: 

  • 6 – 8 Mile Tow – $35 up to $100 
  • 45 Mile Tow – $110 up to $255 
  • 100 Mile Tow – $255 up to $610 

Few tow companies charge $2.25 up to $7.25 per mile. Usually, the bigger dollar amount is reserved for vehicles that are heavy-duty.  

Services that a tow company could offer: 

  • Pull You Out If stuck 
  • Vehicle Transport 
  • Tire Change 
  • Door Unlocking 
  • Jump Start 
  • Gas Delivery 

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Tow 

You would possibly be hard pressed to know the dollar amount if you directly check on a website of the tow company for pricing. We examined some and not even 1 listed the price. But, fortunately, the cost of a tow is pretty standard. So, we could give you at least an estimated figure. Oftentimes, towing fees begin at $55 and could get quickly as high as $110. It depends on the type of tow truck and where you live.  

Sometimes, the base fee or oftentimes mentioned to as a hookup fee is $55, regardless if you need your car towed 1 mile or 20.  

More distance does sometimes come with a larger price tag. Usually, a regular tow is cheaper than a flatbed tow. A tow due to a vehicle crash could be significantly higher. The cost for having your car impounded and towed could also be a lot pricier.  

Roadside Assistance 

At a time like this, roadside assistance could come seriously in handy.  

Choices for a roadside support coverage depend from one policy to another. Several car insurance holders provide $55, $110, and $155 coverage limit. The dollar coverage amounts could come with a mileage limit too. For instance, $55 coverage for a to up to 20 miles. Oftentimes, mileage is what the coverage is built rather than a dollar amount. Several insurance policies might be setup to cover around 110-mile tow nevertheless the charge amount from the tow company. It is essential to know the coverage at the time you buy it so you aren’t confused about what to do at a lost time and how much is covered. 

Most likely your auto insurance policy would cover the cost of the tow if your car required to be towed after a covered loss accident. It is a great coverage to have because a tow at the area of accident sometimes cost a lot more than a regular mechanical problem tow.  

You must call your vehicle insurance agent if you have inquiries about your roadside support.

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