8 Common Types of Roof Damage 

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A roof typically lasts for 25 years or more. However, damages can happen to our roofs especially that it’s our protection from everyday sun, casual rain and snow, sometimes hail and storms. Roof damages can occur because of many factors. Damage to a roof is a big problem, who would like to experience leaking during big storms right? Moisture can ruin the walls, columns, and walls. Mold and mildew can grow and will even cause some health problems. The following are the common types of roof damages you should be aware of.  

 Roof Damage

Leaks and Moisture 

One of the things that can damage your roof is the leak and moisture that gets into the roof. According to Fort Worth roofing contractors, it is because of the problems with the moisture barrier or flashing. Also, if you have been hit by a storm recently, it is likely that parts of your roof are damaged that’s why water came in.  


The roof’s job is to withstand the weather, however extreme conditions like cold, hot, wet and dry can cause the roofing materials to split, buckle, blister or crack. If this thing happens, the water can get through that leads to leak that will eventually damage the interior.  

Lack of Maintenance 

Even though roofs have a long lifespan, you don’t expect it to take care of itself. It needs regular check-up and maintenance, just like the rest of your house. There are minor issues like empty pitch pockets, ponding water and others that will become bigger problems if you don’t address them. Doing this will minimize the chances of roof repair in the future, and it will help you maintain the condition of your roof. Remember that once your roof gets damaged, the insurance company won’t cover it if they see the roof has a lack of maintenance.  


Roofing materials are prone to corrosion especially in the area of valleys, flashings, chimney, and vents. If this occurs, the consequence is roof damage.  

Blow-offs and Wind Uplift 

The extreme blow of wind during storms can lift or blow-off roofing materials. Another cause of this damage is improperly installed flashing. It will cause more significant problems in the future if not addressed right away. During damage restoration, you better work with professional roofing contractors.  

Wear and Tear 

Roofs are also prone to natural wear and tear, that’ why regular maintenance is significant. Falling debris or twigs from trees, foot traffic or small animals and birds and others can also cause an early deterioration of the roof.  

Post-Installation Damage 

The importance of hiring a professional will dawn on you especially if you experience post-installation damages. Perhaps, this damage is the most annoying. A small penetration will damage your existing roof and the layer you added to it. Do not do the job yourself, both repair and maintenance because it might void the warranty you have.  


Another universal sign of a failing roof is the buckling, rusting and cracking shingles. This is caused by installation mistakes, improper torching, moisture and many more. These problems, like the others, need immediate attention. 

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